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Volume 14: Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Rights

Volume 14: Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Rights

Binder Christina / Eberhard Harald / Lachmayer Konrad / Ribarov Gregor / Thallinger Gerhard (eds.)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Rights

Proceedings of the 5th Vienna Workshop on International Constitutional Law

2010, Facultas.wuv in cooperation with Nomos
171 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7089-0594-5

The book elucidates the specific role of constitutional law in the debate on social and economic rights and CSR. It operates from the perspective of International Constitutional Law (ICL), a comparative legal discipline especially concerned with constitutional relations at different levels of legal networks. Today, transnational business corporations – and therewith private actors – affect core economic and social rights in their business relations. Accordingly, it is the decreasing role of the state in the era of globalisation and contemporary trends such as the liberalisation of public utilities which pose challenges to the implementation and enforcement of economic and social rights. The contributions of this book look at the different aspects of these relations on both, the national and international level, given the decisive importance of international human rights law for the protection and implementation of these rights.