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Volume 22: International Constitutional Law in Legal Education

Volume 22: International Constitutional Law in Legal Education

Lachmayer Konrad / Busch Jürgen / Kelleher Jennifer / Turcanu Geanina

International Constitutional Law in Legal Education

Proceedings of the Erasmus Intensive Programme NICLAS 2007-2012

2014, Facultas in cooperation with Nomos
328 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7089-1100-7

The NICLAS Summer School was created as an innovative tool for the teaching of constitu-tional law in its various international contexts. NICLAS offered to the participants a com-plementary interactive, multicultiral, and pluri-discplinary platform for the exchange of re-search, teaching and learning experience on recent changes and challenges by the interna-tionalisation of constitutional law. The summer school took place from 2007 to 2012, each year in the first half of July, as an ERASMUS Intensive Programme at the Universities of Vienna, CEU Budapest, EUI Florence and PEU Bratislava and involved 13 more European partner universities.

This volume is a tour d’horizon through the different topics taught and discussed during six years of NICLAS. The articles are written by summer school participants at various acade-mic levels (postgraduate-students, teachers, researchers, practitioners). They reflect the various topics and methodologies of the summer school and can also serve as examples for teaching materials for other educational initiatives dealing with international constitutional law.