Lecture “European Data Protection Regulation”

published on November 19, 2013

“The global impact of the European Data Protection Regulation”, Monash University, November 19, 2013, Melbourne, Australia

Seminar on the “Global Impact of European Data Protection” at the Monash University, Cooperation with privacy experts Prof. David Lindsay and Dr. Norman Witzleb. more →

The Legitimacy of Constitutional Comparison

published on October 24, 2013

Publication: Konrad Lachmayer, Constitutional Reasoning as Legitimacy of Constitutional Comparison, German Law Journal 2013, 1463-1491 (download here: GLJ Article)

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The Culture of Costitutional Comparison

published on October 16, 2013

Presentation on “The Culture of Constitutional Comparison“, Research Group for Legal Culture, University of Bergen, Norway, October 18, 2013, contact: Prof. Jorn Oyrehagen Sunde

The presentation focused on the academic culture of constitutional comparison. The different approaches in the US and in Germany towards constitutional comparison  were compared.