JUST PUBLISHED – The Austrian Länder in a “glocal” network

published on February 13, 2017

Konrad Lachmayer’s article “The Austrian Länder in a “Glocal” Network” was published in: Calmes-Brunet/Sagar (eds), Fédéralisme, Décentralisation et Régionalisation de l’Europe : Perspectives comparatives (2 vol.), Collection L’Unité du Droit, Volume XVII, Editions L’Epitoge/Collectif l’Unité du Droit.

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I-CONnect Blog: “The Austrian Presidential Crisis 2016”

published on December 9, 2016

Konrad Lachmayer wrote a post on about “The Austrian Presidential Crisis 2016”.

See the full analysis below.

The Austrian presidential election are finally over and led to a remarkable result.

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Lecture: “Comparative introduction”

published on November 26, 2016

Date: Thursday, 24th November 2016, 16:15
Place: Lund University, Sweden

I gave a comparative introduction at the Conference on “An Administrative Procedure Act for the EU? The ReNEUAL Model Rules on EU Administrative Procedure – Nordic Perspectives”.

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JUST PUBLISHED – Between International Standards and Transnational Greed

published on October 8, 2016

Konrad Lachmayer’s article was published in The Hague Journal on the Rule of Law.

The article discusses the process of transnationalisation of the rule of law in times of globalisation. The economic crisis serves as a stage for our analysis, in which the preconditions of the rule of law are challenged.

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Lecture: “Constitutional Law and Geography”

published on September 21, 2016

Date: Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 16:15
Place: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Legal Studies in  Budapest, Hungary

I gave a lecture on “Constitutional Law and Geography“ at the Conference on “Constitutional Law in Context”.

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