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Lecture: Constitutional Law and Geography

Lecture: Constitutional Law and Geography

Date: Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 16:15
Place: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Legal Studies in Budapest, Hungary

I gave a lecture on “Constitutional Law and Geography“ at the Conference on “Constitutional Law in Context”.

Constitutional law expresses a social understanding of territory, which is dynamic and negotiable. Territory is not an objective entity but becomes a fluid concept, which depends on it´s social construction. The constitutional dimension of geography cannot only focus on a spatial approach, but has to take into account that territory is linked by the human dimension to constitutional law. The group of human beings understood as a society are again a constructed element (constitutionally the people, geographically the population). The presentation concludes that constitutional law is one element of a permanent social process of re-negotiating territorial elements in societies.

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Presentation “Constitutional Law and Geography”