constitutional thinking beyond borders
Konrad Lachmayer

Event Organisation

– 2022

– 2019

– 2018

– 2017

  • Lecture series “Legal Entrepreneurship“, since 2017, Sigmund Freud University, Vienna

– 2016

  • Conference “Constitutional Law in Context“, 22.9.2016, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Legal Studies in Budapest, Hungary (together with Robert Schütze)
  • Conference panel on “Federalism Along and Beyond Borders. A Neo-Federalist Perspective” at the 2016 ICON-S Conference “Borders, Otherness and Public Law”, 17-19.6.2016, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
  • Workshop on “Objectives and Methods of a Contextual Analysis in Comparative Law”, 19.5.2016, Hungarian Academy of Social Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
  • Lunch Time Lecture Series “Law – Technology – Society”, lecture series on environmental law, technology law and constitutional law, since 2016, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (together with Iris Eisenberger)

– 2015

  • Panel discussion on “The Relevance of Constitutional Law” at the International Society of Public Law Conference (ICON·S) on “Public Law in an Uncertain World”, 1-3.7.2015, New York Unversity School of Law, USA (together with Russel Miller, Stuart Woolman, Akiko Ejima and Pablo Riberi)

– 2014

  • International Conference “Effective Legal Protection in Administrative Law”, 12.-13.6.2014, Budapest, Hungary (together with Zoltan Szente)
  • DFG Villa Vigoni Round Table, Associazione Villa Vigoni: “Dimensions of Jurisprudence in Europe. A Dialogue on Structure and Medium of Jurisprudential Research Communication”, Villa Vigoni, 19.-21.3.2014, Loveno di Menaggio, Italy (in German)

– 2013

  • „Workshop: „Space in Legal Education“, Zentrum für rechtswissenschaftliche Fachdidaktik, University of Hamburg, 9.-11.10.2013, Hamburg, Germany (together with Judith Brockmann und Arne Pilniok)

– 2012

– 2011

– 2010

– 2009

– 2008

– 2007

– 2006

  • “Transitional Constitutionalism”, 2nd Vienna Workshop on International Constitutional Law, 19./20.5.2006, University of Vienna (together with Harald Eberhard und Gerhard Thallinger)

– 2005