Vortrag – Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Terrorism

Prof. Arianna Vedaschi von der Wirtschaftsuniversität Luigi Bocconi spricht am 13. Dezember 2019 über „Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Terrorism: A Tipping Point for Constitutional Law“ an der Universität für Bodenkultur.

Freitag, 13. Dezember 2019, 12:00 – 13:30
Ort: Guttenberghaus | Seminarraum SR 02, Erdgeschoß | Feistmantelstraße 4, 1180 Wien

Im Sinne der englischen Tradition der Lunchtime Lecture wird für Verpflegung gesorgt.

Teilnahme kostenlos. Anmeldung bis 11. Dezember 2019 erbeten: law@boku.ac.at

Eine weitere Veranstaltung der LTS-Vortragsreihe von Univ.-Prof. Iris Eisenberger und Konrad Lachmayer in Kooperation mit dem Facultas Verlag.

The tension between human rights and security needs is at the core of counter-terrorism law. To what extent is it possible to limit rights in the name of national security? Is it feasible to guarantee security to people without violating the very essence of human rights or breaching the proportionality principle? These crucial questions, which have traditionally been a real conundrum for lawmakers, scholars and practitioners, become even trickier if one considers that the most advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are increasingly being used in the fight against terrorism.

My research addresses the challenges stemming from the application of AI and ML to counter-terrorism measures in a constitutional law perspective. On the one hand, I analyse human rights concerns related to the use of cutting-edge technologies in counter-terrorism measures. On the other hand, I try to envisage whether and how carrying on the fight against terrorism through AI implies a revision of well-established standards to which domestic and supranational courts resorted to in order to adjudicate terrorism cases and, ultimately, of the very understanding of constitutional principles and rights.