Vortrag – European Objects: the troubled dreams of harmonization

Prof. Brice Laurent vom MINES ParisTech spricht am 25. Oktober 2019 über „European Objects: the troubled dreams of harmonization“ an der Universität für Bodenkultur.

Freitag, 25. Oktober 2019, 12:00 – 13:30
Ort: Guttenberghaus | Seminarraum SR 01, Erdgeschoß | Feistmantelstraße 4, 1180 Wien

Im Sinne der englischen Tradition der Lunchtime Lecture wird für Verpflegung gesorgt.

Teilnahme kostenlos. Anmeldung bis 22. Oktober 2019 erbeten: law@boku.ac.at

Eine weitere Veranstaltung der LTS-Vortragsreihe von Univ.-Prof. Iris Eisenberger und Konrad Lachmayer in Kooperation mit dem Facultas Verlag.

The EU is in a difficult state, as current events such as Brexit and the Eurozone crisis show. In this talk, I argue that many of the current European democratic issues can be understood by analysing a mode of regulatory intervention based on technical objects. “European objects” are at the heart of the European regulation, as it targets food products, chemicals or energy. European objects are often associated with harmonization goals that draw on the idea of the universality of science and the market, and define the European citizen as a trusting individual or an economic agent. But European objects also give rise to more complex technical and legal constructs. The latter situations raise constitutional questions that have important democratic implications.