Vortrag – How experiments become futures: Social learning for self-driving cars

Dr. Jack Stilgoe vom University College London (UCL) spricht am 27. Juni 2019 über „How experiments become futures: Social learning for self-driving cars“ an der Universität für Bodenkultur.

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2019, 12:00 – 13:30
Ort: Guttenberghaus | Seminarraum SR 02, Erdgeschoß | Feistmantelstraße 4, 1180 Wien

Im Sinne der englischen Tradition der Lunchtime Lecture wird für Verpflegung gesorgt.

Teilnahme kostenlos. Anmeldung bis 25. Juni 2019 erbeten: law@boku.ac.at

Eine weitere Veranstaltung der LTS-Vortragsreihe von Univ.-Prof. Iris Eisenberger und Konrad Lachmayer in Kooperation mit dem Facultas Verlag.

Self-driving cars are currently learning to drive. Alongside well-publicised developments in machine learning, this also involves a more complicated process of social learning. Understanding and governing the politics of this technology means asking ‘Who is learning, what are they learning and how are they learning?’ On-road trials taking place in cities around the world offer a window into the social complexities of a debate that is often presented as technical. In his lecture, Jack Stilgoe will report on his previous research on the chaotic self-driving experimentation that has already taken place and describe the approach of his team’s new project “Driverless Futures?”.